10 creative ways to keep kids entertained?

This post contains 10 creative ways to keep your kids entertained. No matter where you are, these tips will help you find activities for your children that don’t involve the TV or video games. These ideas range from using everyday household items to create a scavenger hunt and making up a new game with rules. However, they all require creativity and imagination on the part of both parent and child.

Kids can be a handful. They’re always on the go and never have enough time to sit still, which is why it’s so important for parents to come up with creative ways of keeping their kids entertained. Here are ten different activities that are sure to keep your children busy and happy:   

  1. Play games- Deck of cards, Connect 4, Chess
  2. Create art- Paintings
  3. Play music- Keyboard, drums
  4. Make movies
  5.  Draw 

6) Create stories

7) Sing

8 ) Cook

9 ) Do science experiments

10 ) Read books

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