Kids Weather Chart – Free Printable by | Jun 3, 2015 | Freebies | 0 comments Kids Weather Chart – Free Printable

click here A friend recently asked if I have a day/weather chart for kids. Her little one is learning the days of the week and she thought it would be fun to add the weather too. I’m sure loads of mum’s would also like one for there kids too, so I┬áhave just finished designing one. I printed on stock card 220gsm then laminated and cut out the days of the week and weather icons. I then used sticky Velcro.

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miglior sito per comprare levitra originale go to site Print out on 220gsm stock card, laminate, cut around days of the week and weather icons, then use sticky velcro.

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comprare vardenafil originale garanzia I will add it to my freebies page so if you would like to download it for free or any of my other free printables just sign up to my members page for free below.

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