Amazing Games for Kids Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party is coming up soon. This is the one event that you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Everything has to happen correctly, and everybody must have fun. While things such as catering and logistics will take most of your time, you still need to plan how you will make the party more exciting. A few children’s games will do the trick. Here are the games that you can organize during your child’s birthday party.

Prize Walk

The game resembles the catwalk, and it’s ideal for children less than five years old. You will start by writing numbers 1 to 30 on small cardboards and sticking them on the ground. Create a second pair and put it in a basket.

Tell the children to walk around in circles while stepping on cardboard each time. Start playing some music as the children go round in circles. The music will stop suddenly, and the children will also have to stop. You will pick a random number from the basket, and the child who is standing on the same number will receive a prize. The game is usually played about 5 or 6 times.

Bubble Wrap Race  

This is a simple game that is ideal for children over the age of 3. It’s a perfect game because you don’t require so much space. You will need some bubble wrap and a small space in your living room. Spread the bubble wrap in the open space and ask the children to jump over the bubble wrap without removing any bubbles. The kid who crosses the bubble wrap with the least noise is the winner.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This game is ideal for children of all ages. Furthermore, the game can be played at any place. The game has different levels of difficulties that you can adjust depending on your children’s age. Younger children can have simpler fashions while older kids and teenagers can take part in a more challenging game.

You’ll need to sketch a map on the floor. The children will receive picture clues that they can use to find something. The first child to figure the result will get a reward.

Balloon Bursts

This is a game that is ideal for children four years or above. Write small notes on a piece of paper and put them inside balloons. Inflate the balloons and release them into the air. Ask the children to keep popping the balloons in the air while you play some music. You will stop the music suddenly and the last child to touch a particular balloon will pop it open. The child will have to perform the activity written on that specific note. The exercises could be things such as dancing, crawling, or singing.

Paper Boat Race

This is a beautiful game that involves paper boats. You will need to create some pepper boats and fill your tub with water. Once you have constructed the paper boat, you should attach a straw to it. Give the paper boat to a child and ask them to blow into the straw. The force will propel the paper boat forward on the water. The child who blows the boat furthest will win the game.


This is an old game that is loved by children around the world. It’s also a game that can be played by children of any age. Get a picture of a donkey and put it on a wall. Ask the children to stand a few feet away from the wall while holding a picture of a donkey tail with their names on it.

Put a blindfold on the children and ask them to walk towards the wall. When they reach the wall, they will pin the tail where it is supposed to be. The winning child is the one who pins the tail nearest to the donkey.

Musical Chairs

The musical chairs game is perhaps one of the oldest and most famous games that can be played by children and adults. You will need 5 or 6 chairs arranged in a circle. The chairs have to be facing outwards so that people can sit on them without facing each other. If you have six chairs, the total number of children playing the game should be 7.

The idea is that one child will not have a chair to sit on. Turn on the music and ask the children to start walking around in circles. When the music stops, the children will have to sit down. The child left standing will lose the game. You will then remove one seat from the circle and continue the same routine. Ultimately, you will remain with one chair and two children. The child who will be left sitting at the end of the game will be the winner.

Balloon Pops

Inflate several balloons and tie them to a string. You will connect the string to the ankle of each player and start playing some music. When the music stops, players must try to stomp the other person’s balloon without losing their balloons. The last person left with a balloon wins the game.

Other Games

If you have game tables like an air hockey table or foosball table, you can hold a mini-competition by dividing the kids into teams. It is also a great way to get competitive with friends & family. The children will not just have fun but will also have a healthy competition.

Final Take

It would be best if you created a birthday party that your child will remember for many years to come. They may not remember what they ate at the party, but they will undoubtedly remember the games they played at their birthday party. Use these tips to get started.

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