Magical Alice In Wonderland Party

Magical Alice In Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite party themes, like all parties should be its magical and fun. Kids (and adults love dressing up) and you can play so many party games based on the story. I styled this party using my Alice In Wonderland Party Printable Collection and my Alice In Wonderland Printable Props and Games Kit. With this theme you can add as many props as you want to I don’t think its possible to go over the top with this one 🙂 I also used Pom Poms as well as mushrooms, hats and bottles found at my local dollar shop. I took the photos before most of the kids arrived and the food was added, you can imagine once the food and children arrived it looked even more magical.

The weather is changing here in Sydney, we are moving into Autumn otherwise I would be very tempted to throw an Alice Easter Egg hunt Party.










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