Let’s have a Spa Party – Part 2 – FREE Placemat and nail file printables

Let’s have a Spa Party – Part 2 – FREE Placemat and nail file printables

Spa Party – lets get set up:

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Free spa party placemat

For my Spa Party I decided on manicures, pedicures and a simple child-friendly face mask with cucumbers. If your guests are teenagers, they may want to include make-up and bring their own selection of cosmetics and nail colours. My kids are younger so I decided on a nice palette of pink and pastel nail colours, as not all mums are happy with crazy colours!

I set up a table for the manicures and facials, and a section for pedicures. For the pedicure area I set out 3 chairs with 3 foot bowls on a large towel and a stool for me to sit on (I was the beautician for the day!)  🙂

Guests then take turns to have a pedicure.

Spa Party

On the main table I set up place settings for all the guests. This is where they had their manicures and facials. Each place setting included a place mat, nail spa bowl, nail file set, water bottle, small mirror, hand towel and two cucumbers.

The Spa Party place setting mat that I designed and created can be downloaded here for your own personal use (this is not for commercial use). I don’t charge for this Spa Party place setting mat, but please could you share this post with friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram – whatever you use 🙂

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Download Spa Party Placemat

Included in my place setting was a nail file set. Here is a video showing you how to make it.

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Download my printable Nail file spa gift printable

My full matching Spa Party Collection and individual items are available for sale

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In last week’s post Let’s have a Spa Party – Part 1 I included a download link for my free matching Spa Party organiser. Be sure to check it out.

In next week’s post I will include kid-friendly face masks and how to make Spa Party eye mask cookies!

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